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Our services

At Edition Bougainville, we do not just aim to make sumptuous rugs, we also provide additional services, from installation to maintenance


All our carpets are delivered in special reinforced packaging that guarantees safe transport. We can send your order directly from our workshops or from our warehouse wherever you are in the world and, if you wish, we can manage customs formalities and insurance. In this way, we offer the possibility of a "turnkey" project.

On-site installation

Technical laying

The proper installation of carpets requires a specific technical know-how especially in areas such as complex staircases. First of all, we need to examine on site the particulars of a more complex installation, and if necessary, we will resurface the flooring base. We provide cut and laid underlays, respecting any fire standards or access hatches, and we will renovate stair bars when necessary or install new ones.

White gloves installation in Paris (France) and Geneva (Switzerland)

Edition Bougainville® ensure the installation of your rug from A to Z: opening the package, moving furniture, installation, moving furniture back in place, packaging recovery.


Edition Bougainville® is an approved TexGuard® Applicator. This industrial anti-stain treatment preserves fibers and textiles from liquids or solids that could stain them. It limits the effects of a stain, slows the penetration of the liquid into the fibers, prevents the dust from becoming embedded and thus facilitates the maintenance of the carpet.

This specific treatment must be renewed every three years.


After a number of years, thorough cleaning is essential. The carpets and rugs of a hotel, airplane or yacht need to be cleaned on site with the technique of injection-extraction. For a rug, the process is different: the rug is taken off site to perform a thorough cleaning by hand using water and neutral PH cleansing products which will preserve the colors and the fibers. We then reinstall on site.

View our Care guide.

Repair service

To restore a rug or carpet due to wear from furniture shoes or other everyday wear elements, Edition Bougainville® have an expert repair service. The aim is to maintain the original appearance of your carpet using the utmost care and expertise.

All Edition Bougainville® products are delivered with a very detailed maintenance and cleaning guide.


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