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This luxury rug collection from Edition Bougainville is a liberal interpretation of 18th century French classical carpets taken from historical archives. Following a tasteful rejuvenation, these new interpretations will stand the toll of time. Each design through its choice of techniques such as the convolution of colors and nebulous drawings or the juxtaposition of specific materials results in a refined, original  creation.


At Edition Bougainville®, we like to travel and draw inspiration from these experiences through architecture, landscapes, oceans and aerial views that we may encounter. Thanks to these elements we are led to contemplate and release our emotions and creativity. Within this collection are refreshing color gradients, shimmering effects and patterns borrowed from nature.


This collection from Bougainville® French classic rugs pays tribute to the abundant heritage left by the royal factories, Savonnerie and Aubusson. A new life is thus given to the drawings made by Charles Le Brun and Louis Le Vau for the floors of the Louvre Gallery under the reign of Louis XIV. Creations that, until the dawn of the nineteenth century, participated to the prestige of French decoration.

Collection "Charleston"

The Art Deco period has inspired this collection that illustrates our free interpretation of this artistic movement around 1920’s. Created from our heritage archives, our creations balance geometry and typical Art Deco ornements to create unique timeless rug patterns.

Collection "Allegory"

Edition Bougainville@ rend hommage aux origines du tapis et aux tribus nomades de Perse qui lui ont donné ses lettres de noblesse. Le mode d’expression artistique du tapis persan autorise une grande liberté dans le choix des couleurs et des motifs. Notre collection reflète cette liberté. D’une incroyable beauté et d’une conception de très haute qualité, nos tapis persans rivalisent avec les plus prestigieux ouvrages d’autrefois.

Collection "Chromatic"

Employing solely colors and textures to seduce you, the “Chromatic” collection by Edition Bougainville is simplicity at its best. Although extremely sober, these rugs and carpets require a high level of technicity to obtain a sophisticated and modern result.

Collection "Alpage"

This collection of rugs uses authentic skins, designed to adorn warm and inviting interiors for natural environments such as ski chalets. Inspired by the most stunning of nature’s summits, our designers have created these designs through the use of very subtle, elegant  nuances.

Collection "Floor covering"

Within this range of broodloom flooring is a dedication to offer quality products using wool and/or viscose in designs worthy of the most exquisite interiors and all their purposes. As with all our collections, we are able to propose bespoke versions of our standard products. (We are dedicating to the flooring projects a high-end Bougainville® Edition collection that offers a choice of wool or viscose design on the most beautiful, the most qualitative and the most resistant textures, with regard to their use. Like all carpets created by our design office, we are also happy to develop bespoke models with you according to your specifications.

A votre demande :

  • Nos tapis et moquettes peuvent être certifiés ignifugé sur demande.
  • Avoir un traitement anti-taches : "scotchgard".
  • Avoir un traitement anti-statique.
  • Avoir un traitement anti-allergique.