Nos collections


The age of the enlightenment has inspired this collection that illustrates our free interpretation of the eighteen century French rugs, created from our heritage of family archives, it preserves a classic writing which is mingled gently a breath of modernity that makes it timeless.


The spirit of the collection has been inspired by our frequent travels over the world. Each experience lived through the architecture, the landscapes encountered become the material of an imaginary journey, allowing the creation of new unique rug patterns.


The Patrimoine collection of French classic rugs pays tribute to the abundant heritage left by the royal workshop of Savonnerie and Aubusson. A new life is given to the drawings made by Charles Le Brun and Louis Le Vau for rug weaved for Versailles and Le Louvre under the reign of Louis XIV.


The Art Deco period has inspired this collection that illustrates our free interpretation of this artistic movement around 1920’s. Created from our heritage archives, our creations balance geometry and typical Art Deco ornements to create unique timeless rug patterns.


Allegory collection is a tribute to the persian culture and their rug craftmanship.
Each creation has been inspired by old rug patterns mingled with  powerfull colors choices, and modern textures to create a modern collection with a classic spirit.


Chromatic collection freely declines colors and materials following our inspiration.
We have played with smooth combination of blended colors, textures, color gradient  to create modern and sophisticated rug collection.  


Alpage est une collection de tapis Edition Bougainville® en peaux naturelles.
Authentique, chaleureuse et haut de gamme, cette collection reflète l’esprit des plus belles stations de sport d’hiver et s’imprègne de l’atmosphère envoûtante des chalets de montagne.
Couleurs et reliefs des sommets du monde entier inspirent nos designers qui sont à l’origine de ces superbes modèles, toute en nuances stylisées.

Floor covering

The floor covering collection is dedicated to high end residential, yacht or hotel flooring project.
We offer you the choice of quality products using wool, viscose or silk according to the final used.
As with all our collections we are able to design bespoke from our standard width, designs, or colors.

Our rugs and carpets could be fire retardant certified upon request.