Edition Bougainville

Luxury carpet, custom rugs

A design department at the forefront of contemporary trends

A design department at the forefront of contemporary trends

Among our luxurious designs at Edition Bougainville, our designers have found inspiration from a rich family archive combined with an elegant sense of style. In some cases, it is the classical French style that is put forth most prominently however we are able to modernize this style with a creative and modern use of textures, colors and finishings. For all our bespoke creations, the possibilities are limitless, and we are more than happy to oblige on this adventurous path.

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Inspirational styles for all spaces

Regardless of the space that you wish to complete, Edition Bougainville will create and manufacture the rug, flooring or tapistry that suits your needs in terms of beauty and exceptional quality. Both our classical heritage and our contemporary creations will provide many options to sublime your interiors.

A quality guaranteed craftmanship

We maintain a high level of quality standards for our products which are entirely manufactured by hand, whether it is the knotting technique, the dyeing or the finishings. Our craftsmen excel in the art of various techniques from knotting to tufting thus producing unique and timeless pieces.

Our priority is your satisfaction

Not only do we aim to provide the highest quality products, we also offer excellent complementary services such as delivery, on site installation, maintenance and repairs.