Our knowledge and expertise to create luxury rugs could give a new style to your interior design.

Our designer team can satisfy your demand, from contemporary to antiques style, we can give you the rugs and carpet that you need. You can ask us different weaving techniques, hand knotted, tufted or Aubusson.

Edition Bougainville has a showroom where you can discover our collection and see the different textural and all our beautiful rugs and flooring solutions.

As our Showroom, our Design center is located on French Riviera. This is the place where we create the new carpet, the custom rug and all floor covering.

Recently Edition Bougainville has decided to create a new collection of outdoor rugs with polypropylene fibers , resistant to stay outside.

Today the rug take an important place in the interior design. You use it to make a change in a room. With a rug you can chow pep’s, warming, classical and dynamic intensity. You cannot have an interior without a rug nowadays.

You can also see some overlay rug or a rug on a floor covering.

The rug has to be very large even extra large. Forget the small rug just as large as the coffee table. Nowadays we are living in open area so the rug is useful to delimited the place.

You need an extra large rug in the living room. It has to be much bigger than your furniture. You need an oval rug in the dining room to look like warming or all in length in the corridor. It is more than a simple decoration.

Every room inside and outside your house can give a place to your rug. The exterior rug is the “Must Have” it can change everything in your balcony, terrace or garden. You can make the interior at the exterior and still be elegant.

The polypropylene materials permit to stay outside. It doesn’t change with rain or UV. Those rugs will transform your garden lounge in a refined and cozy living room.

That’s why in Edition Bougainville you can have an outside collection named Atlantide and you can custom them as well as the others collection to respond exactly to your interior design.

And if you are looking for a Mountain Lodge aspect you can choose our Alpage Collection. Those rugs are made in Leather and silk.