Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Edition Bougainville®, the realm of luxury carpets

Edition Bougainville® was born from the desire to keep alive a rich French heritage and family archive, to share the ancestral craftmanship of exclusive rug making and to explore new horizons and creative influences.

Our designers are constantly imagining exceptional rugs in many styles from traditional to contemporary in an effort to respond to the expectations of our end customers in terms of detail and quality.

Each design is crafted by the most talented craftsmen who excel in the art of rug making and thus produce luxurious pieces of great worth.

In addition to designing extensive collections, we are able to offer a complete customized service. Our installation team will propose the best suited solutions for a high quality finish and bespoke interior

With Edition Bougainville, our rugs, carpets and floor coverings will befit the most elegant and original projects.

Our environmental impact is a priority for Edition Bougainville.

Participating in ecological processes is important in contributing towards saving our planet

For these reasons, we have decided to implement a policy of recycling and recuperating our rug and carpet waste.

Thanks to our partner, Optimum, our waste will be converted into high efficiency industrial pellets used by the cement industry.  These pellets which have a high caloric value will replace non-renewable fossil fuels and the residual waste will then be integrated into the cement mixture.