A design department at the forefront of contemporary trends

A design department at the forefront of contemporary trends

In-house management of the entire manufacturing process

Our design office located in Cannes, between Saint-Tropez and Monaco, brings together a team of talented designers. Attentive and observant of their environment and open to the world they create collections sometimes inspired by classicism, such as "Renaissance" and "Heritage", sometimes very modern, such as "Chromatic" and " Inspiration. In order to maintain our quality standards, we control all processes of manufacturing from the design on paper to the dyeing of the yarn, to the various knotting techniques and to the finishings.  
In conjunction with the creative aspect of our profession is the highly technical requirements of a design department able to support a project from start to finish. Each year, our collection grows by some thirty new designs.

Your tailor-made expert

Designing collections represents only part of our activity, the other being dedicated to custom creations. We are indeed able to give life to original and complex projects upon request for residential, hospitality, aviation and yachting, all the while respecting industry standards. When working on a major project, we will propose a Visit Report which details the progress of all the production stages.

Throughout the year, our Cannes showroom is open to interior designers and architects.